The Eddie Teddie Book Bundle


Enjoy all of Eddie’s adventures with this great value 3-book bundle!

  • Eddie Teddie’s Big Summer of Saving

When Eddie sees his friend Mosey zoom past on her new scooter, he decides that he would really love a scooter for himself. But with his birthday already gone and Christmas a long way off, how is he going to get one? With his Mum’s help, Eddie sets to work earning pocket money.

A gentle introduction to managing money for young children.

  • Eddie Teddie Goes on Holiday

Eddie is off on holiday! He’s been saving hard so he has some spending money to take. But in the USA, they have different money, so there a few things he needs to do before they go.

It’s a tricky idea, but with his Dad’s help, Eddie exchanges some money into dollars ready for his trip. What will Eddie do whilst he is in Boston? And what will he spend his money on? Let’s find out!

A gentle introduction to currencies for young children.

  • Eddie Teddie And the Bees

Eddie has been learning about how important bees are and decides to see what he can do to help them.

Join Eddie on his journey as he finds a clever way to raise money for charity and support the local bee population.

A fun story that gently introduces young children to the basics of running a business and looking after the world around us.



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