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Special Guest: Kelly Vikings

Mar 24, 2022 | Episodes, Special Guest | 0 comments

This episode of The Money Compass podcast was published on 23rd March 2022. You can listen again by heading to our Episodes page, or on your favourite podcast player.

In this Special Guest episode Emma is joined by The Divine Business Mentor, Kelly Vikings.

Kelly’s Top Tips

  • Learn how to have the right money mindset and having achievable and realistic goals in place for yourself
  • Learn how to have a business model for more of a realistic guide on your future plans. Never worry or be ashamed about what other people may think of you when you make certain choices with your business or money
  • You can change your mindset, even if you’re at rock bottom and have a negative outlook on money, there is always a way to work around this and come out at the other end extremely successful and happy.

The Divine Business Coach

Emma Knights
Thank you for joining us. I must admit, I just went scrolling back through and thought it must have been about June last year and I kept going and I thought, what, really? Then I thought our podcast has been going for that long. It just goes so quick, doesn’t it?

Kelly Vikings
It does, how many episodes have you had?

Emma Knights
I don’t even know to be honest, off the top of my head, I’d have to go double check. I’ve lost track.

Kelly Vikings
It must go really quickly when you have such an array of different guests and people coming back as well. Have you had other people come back again? Or am I the first one to come back? The first one to return key listeners and thank you, Julie and all the team at the Money Compass.

Emma Knights
Thank you. So, a lot has changed you say?

Kelly Vikings
Wow, so much has changed since I shared my story with you. My Money Story and this is why I’m back, to hopefully inspire others, particularly women in business. But I think there’s a lesson and a really lovely, inspirational piece for everyone. What does the world need right now? It needs some hope. It really does.

Emma Knights
Yes, it does. That sounds very uplifting and inspirational. I’m intrigued already.

So for those that haven’t listened to the previous podcast, obviously they need to go back and have a listen. But do you want to just give a little bit of an introduction to yourself and who you are, just for those that haven’t heard about you before?

Kelly Vikings
Yeah, sure. A year ago, I would have been Kelly Forrester. A year ago, I was just literally saying goodbye to my home. The tables have turned a huge catalyst of growth over this last 12 months. In fact, you know, when you look back and you think, wow, did I do all of this and I genuinely have done all of this. If it’s possible for me, it’s possible for anyone.

So, I had a business, a tangible business with an office and many staff and I loved what I did, I was so passionate and I lost it all. I hit cashflow crisis, which absolutely and utterly broke me. I left clients really unhappy. I have this guilt and shame, all of it attached to money.

I lost everything, I had no personal debts, maybe a Next card, you know, but nothing big. I had a big business loan and because of that I had to go bankrupt. I lost my car and lost my home. All my life savings, everything. So, this was about three years ago and since then I have been rebuilding.

But this last year has been the biggest slice of growth ever and, you know what? Sometimes I don’t even look back and see how far I’ve come. But just talking to you in this moment and sharing this with our listeners is quite huge. It really is. It’s amazing. So yeah, a lot’s happened.

Emma Knights
Wow. So, do you want to give us a bit of an insight into what has happened in the last year for you?

Kelly Vikings
So firstly, saying goodbye to the home and putting all our stuff into storage was a big thing. We talked about the power of the law of attraction. But when we’re taking things away, is the law of detraction and it’s a totally different feeling.

If you can imagine, over your lifetime collecting really important precious things and then we go out and buy don’t we? We buy units, we buy beds, we buy crap, excuse the expression, but we do. It’s things that we don’t necessarily need in our lives, but we buy them and we put them in our home and build our family home maybe or we build our first home or wherever we are in our lives. But we don’t really stop to think about what happens if that’s taken away. What do I really want?

That’s what happened to me. Everything was taken away. Then with the home and all my material possessions, I had to make choices about what was really important and what I really needed, what I didn’t need and what I could say goodbye to.

Now, there was three phases to this, ironically, the first phase was, oh my gosh, we need to move. We moved into a small mobile home, which was tiny, we come from a five bedroom, three story, townhouse. All of our stuff went into storage that was the first phase.

The second phase was thinking okay, so now we need smaller storage, because this is costing us a fortune. So that was when I said goodbye to a really nice job. So first I said goodbye to my really nice oak table and chairs, and things that again, I really had attached myself to, but didn’t really need. It hurts, every layer that was stripped away hurt. It was real pain. It was one which not only did I hold a lot of guilt from the business, but I then had to revaluate my life and understand what was really important to me, my family and what aligned to us as a whole.

This was the bit where I really connected with what aligned to me and I understood through that catalyst of events, what Divine Alignment really was. It’s about identity, it was about where you are at that moment in your life and knowing what the outside world looks like and how the internal world feels.

Within this change that happened last February and went on through the summer months, I wrote a book: Secrets of the Divine business code. I created programmes and products in my business mentoring business. I shared my lessons, I shared my experiences, however raw they were, however vulnerable they were. Yes, I had to hold my hand up and say I made mistakes and that hurts too.

But the thing I did this year, I think more than anything, was take more from the lessons that I’ve learnt to help others, rather than when I first came on here and I was interviewed by the gorgeous Julie, I was crying, I was upset and I was very raw. The difference now, if you listen back to that episode and you listen back to today’s, is I am able to talk about it because I’ve moved through it. I’ve let go of all the stuff that was kind of holding me back.

This is what we’re going to talk about because how do you go from feeling like money is a dirty word? How do you go from feeling broken and lost to rebuilding your life having your true identity, but also bringing wealth into that equation and loving money and money loving you?

Emma Knights
Wow, what a journey.

Kelly Vikings
Yeah, it has been a huge journey. I mean, ultimately, not everybody experiences adversity in their life to this degree. I think rock bottom taught me more about myself and about life and what’s really important than success ever did and has.

Emma Knights
That’s a really touching story because I think so many people could learn from that, that they don’t even realise it. People think that being the successful person they are that they have everything, but to have lost it and then rebuilt things, you can learn so much more from it and possibly feel more successful by the end of it.

Kelly Vikings
Oh, my gosh, you are so right. You’ve literally given me chills on my arms. I value the little wins and the success more now than when I had my previous business.

Emma Knights
Things that you’d have probably taken for granted before.

Kelly Vikings
Yeah, totally.

Emma Knights
You’re now known as the Divine Business Coach. So, this process that you’ve been through yourself, obviously, you’re now helping other people to do. Tell us about what sort of things on your journey that you had to go through, which is the kind of thing that you would help someone else too.

Kelly Vikings
Thank you. I do, absolutely. It’s why over the last three years, I’ve had to find my niche. I’ve had to learn who I really am. It’s in the moments of my evolution, I suppose, of the growth or whatever the expansion of who I am, that I’ve recognised how much so I could help other people. Specifically business owners, because we can all start a business we can create and we can grow a business and we can expand, but when shit hits the fan and things come crashing down, it’s how we get through that.

I’m very protective of women in business, because I see how much they juggle. I’ve seen what it’s like to be a mum on your own or a mum in a busy environment, but still have your own dreams and aspirations of building your own business and creating wealth and financial freedom. This is why I really love Julie and what she does and what she stands for, because she doesn’t judge and I don’t think anybody can judge because it’s so quick how success can go to the other extreme.

We’re all, as women, so entitled to our wealth and yet there’s such a big thing attached to money. I’ve seen it and it’s the biggest thing, I think, working with women in business, especially, women that are just starting their journey and women that have got to a point where they’re bringing in between 5 and 10k a month, but they don’t know how to grow and expand and reach that next level.

A lot of this is literally their mindset and shifting that but also having the right support and resources and tools. That’s what Julie does, she’s highly qualified, she listens, this isn’t by the way a pitch for listeners, but honestly she is just phenomenal, because she knows her stuff and you’re in safe hands. I’ve always wanted to get to a point where I can work with Julie, very closely and create wealth on my terms, but I know that it’s not just possible for me it’s actually possible for everybody. So that’s why I wanted to come back and have this interview to share that because, there’s so much that we can talk about.

When women talk about money, let’s go right deep in this, whether I say I’m on £10 a month, whether I say I’m on £100 a month, whether I say I’m on £1,000 a month, whether I say I’m on a million pounds a month or even £10,000 a month is irrelevant. What’s most relevant is the attachment and the energy that I attach to feeling those different levels of income.

Also why are we so scared? It’s like sex and money, the two things we’re scared of what other people are going to think, oh, she’s on £10,000 a month, that’s a bit much, you know. How dare she go off and buy a jet and do this or she’s on £100, she’s not having very much, it’s a hobby, it’s not a business. Nobody has a right to judge in those moments.

The emotions that we attach often come from our childhood beliefs, or life experiences, like I had, which was losing my business and losing all of my wealth. We then form these beliefs and habits and we have to shift those in order to be ready to receive these different levels of wealth.

We need to beat the blocks and we need to face our fears and if we don’t, we’re just going to stay where we are. It’s almost like in our comfort zone or it’s like energy will avoid that path. Anything that is disconnected or resistant, it’ll find another route it will find the path of least resistance. So, if you think that’s our brain, that’s our motherboard and we’re kind of like navigating our worlds and then suddenly, oh, nope, don’t want that; just going to keep small because I’m comfortable here. I don’t want to grow. Julie she’s built that wealth. That to me is inspiring. Whereas to other people they may think who does she think she is but they haven’t seen everything that she’s put into that. I think this is where we judge sometimes, we just see the tip of the iceberg. We don’t see what everyone’s done. So, we have to look at it from different angles and look at it in a way that actually for women that are creating their wealth and their financial freedom and enjoying that life, we should celebrate that because it is a celebration.

I’m going to share some ways in which hopefully people can feel inspired to do that just for themselves.

Emma Knights
Fantastic. So, I want to know and I’m sure everybody else does what are these ways?

Kelly Vikings
A lot of it is mindset. I’m a business mentor, so I help support people along their business growth journey. Coaching is listening, it’s rewiring, remapping. So, mindset coaches are fantastic, because they can help support somebody’s limiting beliefs, money blocks and of course, being this divine business leader, I will see holistic approaches as well which somebody that wants to just work from the logical mind might be like, Oh, no, no, no. But, working with your Akashic records, working on some of the mindset ways through holistic therapies like hypnotherapy, there can be other ways in which they can support you to face those fears to overcome those fears, but also, more importantly, to work with fear.

The journey is about actually bringing fear with you, there doesn’t have to be a divide, it’s just how it is working for you. When you find how it works for you, that’s the magic. One of the things is like fear, shame and guilt. They’re all really deep emotions that are right there within. It’s like when you go to the shop and you’ve gone to pay with your card and you’ve gone shit, I haven’t got enough money. Your heart races and your gut goes, oh, my God. Well, that’s a gustatory that is a reaction. That’s what happens in a big level. But when we don’t feel those emotions, yet we’re living with them, what happens is they can do other things, but you don’t feel it so immediately. It’s little things that you learned to kind of move with and live with, but you don’t realise how much they’re limiting you. This is why it’s so important to work through them.

Women in business, it’s not being afraid to be really clear, be really specific and create simple ways in which to really connect with your money vision, really align yourself with your money, prosperity and to actually align all your actions and all the things that you do to bring more wealth into your business.

I conducted a survey not that long ago actually, of just over 30 women and I said what are your top things that you want to achieve in 2022? And we’re in January now. We’re not actually we just passed that. But we’re the early part of 2022. Out of those say 30, only 3 of them said they want to earn and they put a specific amount. Everyone else, there was nothing. So I went back and said, what about your financial goals? And again, I got well, I don’t really need to earn a lot, or I’m not sure, or I don’t know what to put here because I’m just beginning my journey.

My answer to those women and to anybody listening that has that same thought right now, is it’s your responsibility to know how much money you’re looking to make, what is your money vision. Also, it’s okay to think big, but be realistic with where you are today, where you are now and look at the journey, not just the end result. I want to earn a million pounds, okay, but you’re not going to do that in a week. So how are you going to get there?

It’s also the kind of oh, what are other people going to think of me? Don’t think of other people focus on your lane and only your lane, because when you’re in the arena and when you’re doing really well or when things aren’t going very well. You need those key people that are going to be able to support you, that’s the most important thing. But don’t think about everybody’s views because ultimately, it’s you that’s walking that path. It’s really, really important to remember that.

Emma Knights
I think as well, those key people will be there, regardless of what you are doing. If you’re doing things because it will keep this person happy, or, oh this person will like it if… you’re doing it for the wrong reasons straight away.

You also said about facing fears and things I just think are really interesting as well, because I bet there’s so many people that don’t actually realise what they’re fearful of. You say there are these little things and you just get used to it, so you don’t even know that you’re fearful of something. The biggest thing is identifying it, to know what it is you are working with. I’m guessing they’re the sorts of things that you help them with.

Kelly Vikings
It is, I literally wrote a blog this week on fear and the things we fear now, it’s not just money, but money is a really big thing. I see women in business and probably men as well, I keep saying women just because I work specifically with women, but women and men, when we look at our business model, when we look at our big, longer-term plans, when we look at our financial vision and our life strategy, this is where the alignment piece comes in. This is because there’s so many different areas of our lives internally, how we feel the emotions, of course and then the external and what we see and what we’re comfortable with, and that scares the crap out of us. Those things keep us either stuck playing small or staying the same. That’s even worse.

For anyone listening right now, can you imagine in 10 years’ time and saying nothing’s changed? Nope. Same home, same family. Same everything. Maybe some people would like that, maybe they just want that, but when you hit that rock bottom and that’s the thing, it gives you this real perspective of, actually, I’ve overcome this, I can overcome so many different paths. The ability to look at other people with that compassion and say do you know what, I can hold out my hand and I can bring people with me. That’s what it did for me it allowed me to insight into I can genuinely make a real difference.

But yeah, going back to the business model, it’s being specific, and really thinking, okay, so this year, this is what I’m going to turn over, this is what I’m going to have as profits. Make every pound count, every penny count, give it a purpose. See that money, want it, feel it, don’t be ashamed of it. Don’t fear it, work within what feels really comfortable for you, but stretches you a little bit, have fun with it. Do the things that make you smile. Enjoy life. The more you enjoy, the more you’re in flow, the more that you will receive. It’s that simple. It isn’t difficult, but it’s being aware of being totally aware of it and cooling it in.

Emma Knights
That’s incredible. Wow. I’m feeling like that just thinking about what do I need to do myself? I think people listening to this podcast, they’ll be thinking about themselves instantly thinking, what do I do? What am I doing? What do I want to grow to? What’s holding me back from doing that?

If there’s people listening to things like that, Kelly, what would be your piece of advice to them?

Kelly Vikings
Yeah, it is finding that alignment. It starts with the question of who am I? What am I here to do? You work from that soul level, because we’re here. All of us are here, and I guess this is the little bit woo thing, but for a reason and our life paths, we’re here to experience certain things.

There are so many synchronicities in life and the joy of that and the gift of how we can get things right when we’re able to open our eyes and see things in a much more simplistic but loving way. That starts with us. So then once we’re able to do that, and we really feel that alignment, it’s a connection to ourselves and it’s just so beautiful for ourselves it’s the biggest gift that we can give to us. Honouring ourselves, for our business, in others to heartbeats in the business; there’s you as the business owner, but then there’s your clients because without one, the other doesn’t exist. So it’s how can you rely on your client pathway? How can you make sure that your products and services all align with your passion and your energy, but also what your client needs and is seeking and so that will create this beautiful, like musical note, this piece of symphony, that sounds just beautiful.

But, in a logical world, it’s a business model that really does communicate clearly about what it is you as a business owner can help serve your specific clients. So then your clients know, okay, I know that person does this, and that’s what they do with their individual clients and those the results that they’ve had, okay, trust and they work. But this is all about energetics, I guess, and frequency.

That’s something that I’ve also learned a lot is shifting our mindset allows us to vibrate at higher frequency and it attracts all the things that we want in our world. But also, the only way we can do that is by truly connecting with ourselves at some level. That’s why the Divine Alignment, one of my programmes that I do, is so popular because it sounds easy, but it’s not, and you need somebody to help guide you through that process, because journaling and doing things on your own isn’t always enough. You need somebody to shine that mirror up and go, hey, have you thought about this? See that excitement?

Emma Knights
It’s really interesting, actually, you’re saying all these things and I was just thinking about how I went to a networking event sometime last year and it was for young entrepreneurs. So everybody was under 30  who was there and there was someone there and he did a talk. At the time I was thinking, how is he so successful at 20 years old? I was thinking, wow and he got up and did this talk and it’s literally aligning to what you said perfectly, he said, I needed a why? Why am I doing this? What are all the reasons for doing this? And all of the things that do align back to himself of this is my why, this is who I am and this is who I want to be and what I want to achieve.

It’s just really interesting that I can now see exactly how he’s got to where he is, from just a few pieces of information you’ve said and it’s incredible that you’re now supporting people to basically bring lots of people through and give them that empowerment.

Kelly Vikings
Yeah, there are some people that will put people in a box, or say, this is the way you need to do it and for some businesses that kind of does work. So if you look at McDonald’s or some of the shops that you go into, it’s the same design, it’s the same service, same customer service, all of those. Audi, you know what’s going to happen if you buy or purchase a car from Audi. So sometimes a box is a franchise business model, it works.

But for individual entrepreneurs specifically again, more women in business, we’re heart led, we want to connect with our business, but we are not our business, because ultimately, the business goes, we’re still a person underneath all of it. But with our business, we want to feel connected to it. So as we’re growing it, it grows in a way that aligns with us.

What happens when you try to put somebody in a box? It doesn’t work and this is why some of the programmes that you see out there that are available and everyone’s thinking well, I’m on this and I haven’t had the results, is because certain things will work and some won’t. That’s because it needs to be unique and bespoke to you. We do that by finding our own answers. It’s really quite powerful.

But also, what I wanted to talk about as well was wealth and financial freedom because a lot of people think, oh, you must be 60, 70, 80 to have that financial freedom. Or they look at other people that are doing only 3 days a week and they go oh, but you know, how are you doing that? You can’t run a successful business if you’re only doing three days a week.

In this year, I’ve made that happen myself. I’ve gone from, how am I going to survive for the next 3 months to wow I now have enough, I have my savings, I also am working towards my bigger financial vision, which is financial freedom and I do work on a Monday, but not with clients. I work on projects, like creative projects for my business. It’s lovely because I’m totally in my flow. Then the Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, I am with clients, but I still get to go and enjoy a walk with my dog and I don’t do anything after half past five. That’s it, I’m done. Then Fridays is that day for me and I do what I feel I want to do. So, it really is possible please don’t think that you can’t do it. If you want it and it aligns with your vision and you connect with and it’s your purpose to create freedom and to create more time, what is stopping you?

Often it is what is over the other side of fear, or it’s because you haven’t been calling in the money enough, or because your relationship with money isn’t as equal as it should be. I just really want you to think about what it is that you really, really want. The most important question, why? What’s stopping you? I genuinely believe that we’re limitless, that it will take time, nothing is going to happen overnight. But things shift, but they only shift if you believe in them.

Emma Knights
Wow. That’s given me goosebumps now. We gave it to each other. But no, that’s really touching.

Kelly Vikings
Yeah, I mean, I’ve heard it before from other people and I know that you have to be in the right place to listen to it. But sometimes you will listen to somebody and you’ll think, I needed to hear that.

Come on people I know that we’re in a world of real uncertainty and over here in the UK, my gosh, I’m not even going to talk about the B, or the C. But we have a choice. Literally, we have a choice, we can either create our own destiny and align our actions with our inspiration or ambitions and get on and do it.

So, I’m woo, but I’m kick ass woo there’s nothing going to stop me and there’s nothing going to stop my clients. If we want to do something we get on and we do it. But we have to take action. It needs to align, and it needs to feel grounded and realistic. It needs to be totally clear, so he knows the next steps and how to navigate which is why I love the Money Compass because it is about navigating your wealth.

Well in business, we navigate our actions against our strategies that support us and it’s all of that it’s all encompassing, but nothing should hold us back. Nothing and you can put excuses in front of you, you can wake up and feel fear, but it doesn’t need to stop you. You can still walk forwards the first step is always the most important step because you know that you’re going to give it a try. If you can just put that first step forward and follow through with daily action, you can create success, wealth, happiness in whatever it is in your life that you want to create. I genuinely believe that, when I work with my clients, I help them to achieve what it is in their vision for their future because I know what it’s like to break and I also know what it’s like to create success on your terms.

Emma Knights
Wow. So inspirational!

If anybody’s listening today, and they think, yes, Kelly, I know, I know. I want to make a change, but I don’t know how to do it. I think I need your help. How can they get in contact with you and what could they expect from working with you?

Kelly Vikings
Well, firstly, I don’t put anybody in a box. I also look at what you’ve already done, because I don’t believe in trying to repeat things unnecessarily and I think in business it’s easy to over create. So sometimes it’s about being simple and creating simplistic pathways, but also innovation and understanding what your clients want. There’s a lot to it and it’s what I enjoy the most.

For me, I love working with ladies that are either at the beginning of their journey, I also like working with women that have created their business model and they’re ready to take that next step and they need that support.

You can find me on Kellyvikings.com or on Facebook or on Instagram and I’d love to hear from you. I’ve got a free programme and I’ve got a book, where you can find out some really great ways of starting your business, but there’s also real mindset tips in there so really empowering. Then I’ve got my two programmes that you can work with me on as well. One of those is obviously Divine Alignment and the other one is Divine Business Code. So there’s many ways in which you can work with me, one to one or in a group setting. But yeah, I’d love to hear from you.

Emma Knights
Fantastic and all it takes is someone to make that first step and decide that they’re ready to empower themselves.

Kelly Vikings
Yeah and what a great way to do it by looking at our money and looking at our wealth and really understanding what it is that we want from life and the reasons why we want it and making it happen.

Emma Knights
Definitely. Well, thank you very much, Kelly, I think we can leave it there on a nice high point. It’s been lovely for you to join us again, really appreciate you coming back and hopefully we’ll have you back again in future because if this much has changed in the first year since we had you, imagine what can happen in the next one.

Kelly Vikings
Bring it on. Thank you.

Emma Knights
Thank you.